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After 200 years, recent R&D at a leading UK university, has finally managed to harness and stablise HOCL; enabling it's safe use as the ultimate steriliser. Harnessing the body's natural defences HOCL kills ALL known bacteria, spores and viruses (from MRSA and C.Diff to Salmonella), HOCL is scientifically proven to be hundreds of times more effective than any other NaOCl product.

Not only does this revolutionary solution sanitise, sterilise and protect in an instant, it is completely safe to humans, animals and plant life whilst having absolutely zero environmental impact.

HOCL is also ALCOHOL FREE unlike most other sanitisers / sterilisers available today. HOCL has no COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) or disposal implications, is not corrosive nor has any smell, taste, taint or irritancy. In addition, it complies to all the most stringent international regulatory requirements from eight British Standards such as BS EN 14001:2008 and GLP to the EN 1276 Bactericidal Efficacy Test. You can find a complete list of accreditations click here.

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