Our accreditations, your peace of mind

Our commitment to efficacy, safety and quality means we constantly strive to achieve the most stringent professional certifications world-wide. It's less about us and so much more about due diligence, your total peace of mind and enabling you to choose NATURES - PANACEA with complete confidence.

We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards and confidence for our clients and to these ends we have undertaken a large number of standard and bespoke testing.  These include but are not limited to;

BS 9001:2008
BS 14001:2004
BS 1276:1997
BS 1650:2008
BS 13704:2002
BS 1276:1997
BS 1499:1997
BS 1500:1997

REACH (LN277660-22)

Public Sector
Dishwashers are a breeding ground for killer bugs.

Dishwashers are a breeding ground for potentially killer bugs, say scientists. The moist and hot environment serves as a perfect habitat for two types of dangerous fungi which can also be found in other kitchen appliances such as washing machines and coffee machines.

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