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Welcome to a safer, healthier
and happier world...

Imagine a life liberated from harmful viruses and bacteria. Harnessed from nature's healing gift, the most effective steriliser that is safe for us and the environment. HOCL gives you total confidence; GUARANTEED from NATURES - PANACEA.
After 200 years, recent R&D at a leading UK university, has finally managed to harness and stablise HOCL; enabling its safe use as the ultimate steriliser. Harnessing the body's natural defences HOCL kills ALL bacteria, spores & viruses (from MRSA & C.Diff to Salmonella).

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Public Sector
There is no greater testing environment for sanitising and sterilising solutions than the public sector. Just imagine the number and type of applications the public sector represents.

In general, leisure facilities provide the ideal environment for bacteria, spores and viruses of all kinds to prosper, to the detriment of your cleaning regime and potentially your good name.
Whether your business is clothes shops or chemists, department stores or discount chain, cafes or culinary outlets, successful retailing relies on reputation achieved with an effective and efficient hygiene regime.
Whether you run a fleet of taxis, trucks, trains or aircraft or whether you are transporting passengers, livestock or deadstock, HOCL can deliver obvious hygiene, operational and business benefits.